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Adrienne Gaboury


Adrienne is a senior strategic advisor to purpose-driven start-ups, small businesses, and social enterprises, partnering with leaders to establish, grow, and optimize their businesses or projects.

She brings years of wide-ranging professional experience and perspectives across global corporations, SMEs, non-profits, and start-ups; contributing diverse, cross-functional skills in managing client relationships and marketing, optimizing strategy, operations, and communications, and risk consulting.
In addition to serving as an advisor and investor, Adrienne is enthusiastically willing to roll up her sleeves and get critical work done, often pro bono. Her notable expertise in understanding stakeholder requirements has resulted in award-winning initiatives in the US and Switzerland. Insatiably curious, she is certified in futures thinking and truly believes that business can be a force for good. When not working towards a sustainable future, Adrienne is off on an adventure - usually of the hiking, travel, or culinary sort - always with family and friends.

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction
- Executive management
- Corporate strategy
- Research and Development
- Marketing / Communication
- Operational Management


Contact & Région

Management and Financial Consulting

Switzerland, United States



Langues parlées 

English, Deutsch

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