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Annabell Cox


We transform your organisation to become purpose-driven, effective and of value to all stakeholders. Through sustainable practices and communications, we drive behavioural change and develop shared value. With our focus on social, environmental and economic progress, we build engagement with your stakeholders, elaborate efficient processes, communicate across your organisation and beyond and analyse the generated impact.

Domaine d'expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development, Marketing / Communication, Operational Management, Nonprofit Consulting & Fundraising


Contact & Région

Management Consulting

Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands

Aargau (AG), Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI), Appenzell Ausserrhoden (AR), Bern (BE), Basel-Landschaft (BL), Basel-Stadt (BS), Fribourg (FR), Genève (GE), Glarus (GL), Graubünden (GR), Jura (JU), Luzern (LU), Neuchâtel (NE), Nidwalden (NW), Obwalden (OW), St. Gallen (SG), Schaffhausen (SH), Solothurn (SO), Schwytz (SZ), Thurgau (TG), Ticino (TI), Uri (UR), Vaud (VD), Wallis (VS), Zug (ZG), Zürich (ZH)


Langues parlées 

English, French, Deutsch

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