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Aurelia Blin


Founder of Sustainability Impact (, I am offering expertise in impact measurement and investing towards a sustainable, prosperous, inclusive, and resilient society with a circular, net-zero emissions economy and towards alignment to the UN Global Goals and Paris Climate Agreement.

With 18 years of international experience with Public (International Organisations) and Private worlds (Research and Economic Institutes) in the sustainability and climate risk fields, I have gained thought leadership in building sustainable, resilient and inclusive economies and communities through innovative policies, practices and partnerships with track record of successful global projects with impact measurement in:

Risk transfer with the InsuResilience target adopted by the G7 and implemented by the insurance industry;

Growth and competitiveness with an operational risk model developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit for businesses looking to expand into new markets;

Urbanisation with the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign.

I am using this expertise to support now companies, organisations and cities in getting their sustainability, and climate risk management right.

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