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Christophe Fischer


After working at the headquarters of a major bank, and then 10 years as a company manager in the field of geomarketing, a specific training in sustainable development in 2008 convinced me to put my experience at the service of organizations to support them in integrating social responsibility at the heart of their strategy and operations.
A recent involvement in a social institution has reinforced my interest in developing more inclusive economic models in the future, involving the most vulnerable and minority populations, while bringing my experience on how to measure impacts, among others, by using relevant indicators and integrating them into the broader context of the 17 SDGs.
Since 2013, I have been able to support a few dozen companies, mainly SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland, in fields such as public transport, construction, waste recycling, hotels, and mineral water production.
Having been involved for several years in the Alumni HEC committee, it is important for me to build bridges between the academic world and companies, between the world of research and the private sector, which is one of the fundamental values of the B Corp movement.
My discovery of the world was made through a few expeditions and treks in the Andes or Annapurnas, mostly in backpacker mode, which opened my eyes to other realities of our planet.

The B Corp certification represents an opportunity to encourage organizations to adopt a sustainable strategy, more inclusive of stakeholders, and to create common value that will benefit an entire ecosystem.
Since 2020, I am also a lecturer at HEC Lausanne. With my buddy Steve Aeschlimann, we propose each year to 30 first year Master students to participate in a demanding programme which will require them to develop a sustainability strategy for one of the 6 participating companies, as well as an action plan and recommendations for the Management. The initial diagnosis is carried out using B Corp's BIA.

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Finance / Accounting
- Quality and Safety
- CSR / Sustainable Development
- Operational Management


Contact & Région

Sustainability Consulting

Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands



Langues parlées 

English, French, Deutsch

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