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Emily Vuylsteke


As attractive as the B corp certification can be, its not always easy to take the first plunge. Who to involve? How to answer efficiently to the B impact assessment? How to organise the data collection? Emily can support you through the main steps of the B corp certification, providing some help in all the above questions.

Indeed, Emily has successfully supported businesses willing to certify as B Corps. She will help you set an effective action plan and a realistic agenda and will guide you through the different steps of the certification. Her added value also consists in taking a step back and feeding your sustainability strategy with innovative and creative new perspectives. In order to ensure a trustful and productive collaboration, Emily always makes sure to understand the needs and priorities of her clients.

Emily is an experienced project manager at Sofies consultancy group. She has conducted over a hundred environmental performance audits for industries in various sectors, helping companies to improve their sustainability performance whilst reducing their production costs and penetrating new markets. She also supports companies in developing and implementing their sustainability strategy, by identifying the hotspots and setting priorities that make both environmental and business sense. Emily can work fluently in English and French.

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