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Hartmut Hübner


With >25 years of professional experience in SMEs and large organizations from industry to banking and financial services, my area of expertise is in helping leaders and their companies on their way to becoming 'better businesses'. My background is in communications - I completed a PhD and authored books in this field. That's why I am convinced that change projects should not only focus on humans, but should put people also in interaction to co-create innovative solutions to business problems that might not have been visible before.
This starts with reflections on the individual and collective 'WHY', includes sensemaking on strategies and directions, and ends with jointly moving towards impact business models that come from within the organization - inspiring for both employees and customers!

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Marketing / Communication
- IT and Digital
- CSR / Sustainable Development


Contact & Région

Management and Financial Consulting




Langues parlées 

English, Deutsch

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