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Julien Lévy


With nearly 25 years of experience in digital, brand brand strategy and management, at the head of a web agency, startups in the luxury sector and as “Head of Brand and Digital” of an international group leader in the perfumes and aromas sector, Julien now supports “human” organizations in their quest of sense with brand, digital and creative expertise.
Julien supports the execution of projects and the transformations they lead in organizations through his experience and his privileged point of view as a pivot between the creative professions and organizations.

- Supporting brands and organizations to find and express their purpose
- Strategic positionning
- Brand content design
- Strategic partnerships
- Project owner support in website and digital projects
- Support in the transformation
- Going beyond recommendations, accompaniment during execution phase with creative expertise
- Digital expertise: Agency briefing, coordination, project management and followup
- Creative support
- Creative teams mentoring
- Executive Coaching

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Marketing / Communication
- IT and Digital
- Personal and Professional Development


Contact & Région

Marketing & Marketing / Communication Services

Switzerland, France



Langues parlées 

French, English

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