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Karina Mereuta


I am a social entrepreneur and an experienced social impact project manager, with a strong passion for working with businesses to pivot to sustainability. I am developing in Zurich (CH) a new venture called Fructify Network –a one stop shop for sustainability experts and business leaders to develop skills, collaborate and monetize their
With a 12+ years cross sector experience, in Government, SMEs and NGO sector, I have approached my career with the desire to understand different angles of how to generate (systemic) change.
Working across cultures and continents, in projects in Romania, China, United States, Belgium, Switzerland or with partners from across the world (Europe, Africa, Asia), I have always had a global exposure and a joy to be working with multicultural teams.
Most of my experience until now has revolved around SMEs & start-ups, as I have always seen them as such an important part of the economy, with the ability to influence at deep levels the economic and social development
I have experience in marketing & communications, learning & development, social impact projects, social innovation, community engagement, business development, project management and start-up coaching

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- Marketing / Communication
- CSR / Sustainable Development
- Personal and Professional Development


Contact & Région

Marketing / Communication Services




Langues parlées 

French, English

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