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Ozge Ozdemir


I am a certified ESG analyst and a sustainability expert. I co-founded Ascentys Sarl which is a SaaS startup that makes ESG / sustainability management simpler, faster, and fact-based. Thanks to our technology and domain expertise, measuring, reporting and improving the ESG performance has become more affordable and practical, especially for SMEs.
At Ascentys, I co-developed a proprietary scorecard that consists of 360 performance indicators, a Diversity Analysis module and a Policy Analysis module. Also I developed our proprietary Carbon Footprint Calculation tool based on the GHG Protocol Standards.
Since 2021, I have been assessing companies' sustainability performance, helping them with reporting and provide consultancy when needed.
Previously, I had worked in mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, process improvement, organizational design, business transformation and intercultural management. I have several years of experience actively coordinating global, intercultural, cross-functional teams, projects, and processes.
In parallel I am a professional dancer and mindfulness & breathwork practitioner, which help me present ideas and emotions from a stage to an audience alone or as part of a team, and manage unexpected situations calmly.
I am a polyglot (Turkish, English, French, Spanish) and I have theoretical basis and practical experience in intercultural management.

Domaine d'expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development


Contact & Région

Sustainability Consulting

Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Spain, Italy, USA, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands


Langues parlées 

English, French

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