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Pamela Ravasio


I am a
- Corporate Responsibility (ESG) expert for
- Consumer Goods, FMCG, fashion & textiles, and
- INSEAD IDP-C certified, practicing non-executive board director.
I work with committed companies and their board of directors: to become ‘future fit’, and leverage their influence as a force for good.
I act as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO): Fractional, ad interim, on demand, or to prepare an inaugural role; I coach and support future fit change processes and strategy development and implementation, specifically for the executive team and senior operations teams; and I support Board of Directors, either as an independent non-executive director with focus on ESG, stakeholder management.

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy
- IT and Digital
- Quality and Safety
- CSR / Sustainable Development


Contact & Région

Housewares / Hume Furnishings / Accessories

Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Nordics Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain



Langues parlées 

English, French, Deutsch, Italiano

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