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Roberto Bonino


At LUSVAL, we offer an ecosystem of services, platforms, and consulting to address change, focusing on digital transformation agility, collective intelligence, and social and environmental responsibility. Our services include:
- Governance and organisational development.
- Organisational mapping tools.
- Environmental and social audit.
- Professional coaching for people and group development.
- Artificial-intelligence assisted decision-making.

The Hume Institute of Postgraduate Studies recognises that all prominent educational institutions share one characteristic: a commitment to excellence. By harnessing the opportunities of online and digital delivery, amongst other modes of learning, Hume will create a new landscape that brings many advantages and exciting prospects to the world of academia. This, in turn brings scholars and students closer together so that knowledge can be more easily shared and students can achieve their full potential.

Domaine d'expertise 

- Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, Research and Development
- IT and Digital
- Human Resources Management
- Personal and Professional Development


Contact & Région

Education & Training Services

Switzerland, France



Langues parlées 

English, French, Italiano

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