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Sandrine Piotelat


Result oriented and passionate, I am a seasoned leader with an interesting mix of Technology & Marketing background and one ultimate goal... "improving the life of patients suffering from chronic diseases across the world".

With almost 20 years of experience in Pharma industry (Merck Serono and UCB) at multiple positions, from Medical Devices & Digital Solutions Development to Global Head of Patient Experience, I have acquired a good Strategic Thinking combined with an Innovation mindset and the ability to deliver based on a robust Operational roadmap. I am experienced in Transversal leadership and Change Management.

I am convinced Sustainability is everyone's job and not the task of few individuals across the organizations. It should be fully integrated into the core strategy and the daily business of the companies. Managers, whatever their position, should progressively contribute to the transformation in their area of expertise. That's why I have decided to educate myself on this topic and train as a B-Leader. My wish is to contribute to a more sustainable healthcare and patient experience.

What about you? How will your impact journey look?

Domaine d'expertise 

Direction / Executive management / Corporate strategy, CSR / Sustainable Development, Marketing / Communication, Operational Management


Contact & Région

Pharmaceuticals & Supplies

Switzerland, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium

Bern (BE), Basel-Landschaft (BL), Basel-Stadt (BS), Fribourg (FR), Genève (GE), Jura (JU), Luzern (LU), Neuchâtel (NE), Vaud (VD), Zug (ZG), Zürich (ZH)


Langues parlées 


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