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Sascha Nick


After 15 years in tech leadership with Siemens and Schneider Electric, working in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, the US, and Japan, I became a serial entrepreneur, starting four companies.

As a proud father of two, an active outdoors sportsman, and passionate about nature and discovering humans and their achievements, I was naturally attracted to sustainability.

​Practicing sustainability for me includes founding CO2-monitor, teaching at Business School Lausanne, UNIL, and EPFL, as well as researching Societal Transition Pathways at EPFL.

There is so much beauty, resilience, and mystery in life that continuing to run after money and material growth is the ultimate tragedy of humanity. Our obsolete system, efficiently transforming the biosphere into waste, needs urgent replacement by a much better, inclusive society, cherishing life in all its forms, enabling human flourishing, starting with science, the arts, and human relationships.

Please join me in building this world.

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